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Your Fertility Hormones
  • Your Fertility Hormones

    Do you ever wonder why some couples have trouble getting pregnant? Infertility is a more common challenge than you might think, affecting millions of people worldwide. This workshop dives into the world of fertility, exploring what can impact a couple's ability to conceive naturally. We'll also explore an approach called restorative reproductive medicine (RRM) that can help couples on their journey to parenthood.


    By the end of this course, you'll gain a clear understanding of:

    1. the importance of optimal versus normal hormone levels for fertility;
    2. an overview of common conditions affecting fertility;
    3. lifestyle factors that can support reproductive health;
    4. a brief introduction to My Fertility Labs and our approach to reproductive health.


    Whether you're currently trying to conceive or planning for the future, this course equips you with valuable knowledge to navigate your own fertility journey. Understanding your fertility health is a crucial first step, and My Fertility Labs offers a variety of at-home tests that can provide valuable insights. By learning about the factors affecting fertility and the options available through restorative reproductive medicine, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions about your family planning goals.


    Date: September 14 from 1-2pm MST

    Google Meet link to be provided after purchase.


    Meet your instructor:  Stacey Dimock is a pharmacist with a passion for empowering couples on their fertility journey. As a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP), she takes a root-cause approach, helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood naturally through restorative reproductive medicine. A leader in her field, Stacey is one of the first pharmacists in Alberta to be IFM certified. She leverages her expertise through her practice, Fertility and Beyond, providing personalized guidance and support to couples struggling with infertility. Driven by her own experience with secondary infertility, Stacey is deeply committed to helping families build a future filled with joy. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, embracing the outdoors through golf and gardening, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts.


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