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Find Your Fertile Window
  • Find Your Fertile Window

    Your fertility is an integral part of your body and health, whether or not you hope to become pregnant. Understanding the cycles of your hormones can empower you to live in tune with your body and demystify the changes you experience every cycle.
    After this workshop, you will:
    1. understand your reproductive anatomy and how conception happens
    2. get to know the main hormones that run your menstrual cycle and how they can affect you 
    3. be able to connect the cycle of hormones to the external signs your body gives you throughout your cycle
    4. feel empowered to begin charting your cycle for health or achieving pregnancy
    5. understand the healthy ranges of each cycle phase, and what regular and irregular periods mean
    Join us to empower yourself with knowledge and feel confident in understanding your body, no matter the life stage you are in. 


    Date: August 17 from 1-3pm (MST)

    Google Meet link to be provided after purchase.


    Meet your Instructor:  Crisia Tabacaru is a Fertility Awareness Educator, a certified Fertility Support Practitioner (also known as a Fertility Doula), and has a Biology PhD. She can support you in your journey to understanding your fertility via customized cycle charting support, whether you want to conceive, assess and nurture your hormone health, or avoid pregnancy naturally. She can be your support and guide, using evidence-based information as you navigate cycle charting, doctors' visits, fertility testing, and the complicated emotions that can accompany your journey.


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