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Fertility & Hormone Screening Services

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Medical Consultation
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Hormone & Fertility Medical Consultations

Fertility Screening

Access support from our team of RRM Clinicians. Our physicians and pharmacists specialized in Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) help you interpret and understand your fertility now, and provide a care plan to help optimize your fertility as a couple.

Single day & full cycle fertility screening for his and her fertility. Review your results with a RRM Clinician and get answers about your fertility.

Want peace of mind knowing your fertility status, and medical support with  next-steps from a RRM Clinician if problems are identified?

Answers start with a screening.

Conceive Easy 6-month Plan

Take the guesswork out of conception  with TTC : Track. Treat. Care.

Tracking identifies underlying problems and monitors for improvements. Treatment optimizes your ovulation.

Care ensures a Fertility Coach & RRM Clinician are supporting your ovulation optimization for 6-months. This plan rolls into ProSPr plan if you do conceive.

Progesterone & Thyroid Support in Pregnancy

ProSPr offers hormonal supplementation & ongoing monitoring to support your pregnancy. Entry is available in the first trimester for those at high-risk of miscarriage. Our RRM Clinicians have been supporting healthy pregnancies for 20+ years. 

Already in the 6-month Conceive Easy Plan?

Your care continues with ProSPr providing medical support in every step of your journey to parenthood:

Skip the 1-year wait. No referrals needed.
Get the answers you're looking for.
Struggling to get pregnant?
Get monitoring, support, and treatment for high-risk pregnancies.
TTC -> ProSPr

No waiting.  No referrals needed.

Skip the wait: get the tests you need and speak to a reproductive health specialist.

Couples Fertility Screening

Fertility Screening:

2 tests for "her" fertility and 1 test for "his" fertility.

RRM Medical Consult: 

1 time medical consultation to review your results (15 minutes).

Why 6 months?

Because one lab test isn't enough.

Treating the underlining cause of infertility takes time, testing, and medical insight.

PCOS, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and more can be the cause of infertility.  Some causes of infertility can't be reversed, but if you're dealing with a health issue we'll do everything to help find the problem and provide you options for treatment. To treat your root cause, you first need the right tests to screen where the issues might be, follow up tests to determine the problem, medical consultation to provide you with the best plan to get your fertility and hormones back on track - whether it getting medicine prescribed, changing diet or exercise, or simply getting timing right to conceive.

Monthly lab tests and tracking provides insight into what's working and what isn't.

6 months is a commitment to stick to a plan and get support.

Why not IVF?

It doesn't treat the root problem of many infertility issues, but...

For some people IVF might be the best option.

IVF has proven to be a successful assisted reproductive technology, enabling many people to conceive and experience the joy of having a child. It can increase chances of pregnancy for those with certain fertility issues, including blocked fallopian tubes, severe male factor infertility, or advanced maternal age.

Yet, it is equally important to address the potential risks and challenges associated with IVF. The process can be emotionally and physically demanding, involving hormonal stimulation, multiple medical procedures, expensive treatment with no guarantee of success, and the potential for multiple embryo transfers. These aspects can lead to emotional distress, financial strain, and physical discomfort. Additionally, there is a possibility of multiple pregnancies, which carry their own set of risks for both the mother and babies.

At My Fertility Labs, we want to help you better understand your body, your fertility, and what your best options are for natural conception.

Why My Fertility Labs?

What separates us from our competitors?

1. Finding answers isn't easy.

In Canada you have to be trying to conceive for 6-months before GPs can order tests to determine the problem; this waiting period can feel like an eternity for those seeking answers.

The expertise of GPs and family doctors may not extend to the specialized field of reproductive health. Many GPs face constraints that limit their ability to provide the in-depth knowledge and targeted solutions that individuals may require. As a result, the pursuit of answers regarding fertility and reproductive health can often feel like an uphill battle.


Harnessing the expertise of reproductive health specialists (RRMs) and lab testing, My Fertility Labs is working towards bridging this gap to empower people on their fertility journeys.  We believe that everyone deserves access to specialized care and accurate insights from experts who have dedicated their careers to understanding the complexities of reproductive health.

2. Superior Care.

It's more than just lab tests; it's complete care with a RRM doctor to help you understand what your bloodwork means, try to find any problems you are facing, and provide options for what path to take forward: whether it be providing treatment, medical intervention, or a health plan to help get you on track.

Medical Tablet

Get answers.

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