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Struggling to get pregnant?
Still waiting for an infertility referral?

Transform TTC to
Track. Test. Care.

Referral free access to fertility assessment
Start lab tests your next cycle.
Clinician Care that restores reproductive potential
Manage PCOS, endometriosis, and thyroid problems
Prescriptions & treatment plans
Manage hormone imbalances,      PMS & PMDD.

Fertility in 3 steps:

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Lab Fertility Assessments


No referral needed.  No 12 month wait.

Skip the wait for fertility tests. Find out your ovarian reserve, hormone balance, and fertility status.  Start your next cycle.

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Fertility Medical Consultation


A doctor that understands reproductive health.

A Restorative Reproductive Medicine Clinician (RRM), will review your lab data, and provide insights & recommendations.

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Prescriptions & Treatment Plan


A path forward to correct underlying issues.

Your RRM Clinician will explain your options: additional assessments, supplements, medications, lifestyle modifications or referrals, depending on the issue.

What's keeping you up at night?

Am I at risk for early menopause?
Do I have a hormone imbalance?
What's my ovarian reserve?
How could I improve my fertility?
Am I still fertile?
How can I manage PCOS?
Do I have a thyroid problem?  How can I fix it?
Is a vitamin deficiency or hormone imbalance making me tired all the time?
Are my heavy periods and pain normal?
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Led by Doctors

Dr. Tracey Parnell

RRM Clinician & Founder

Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM)

Restorative Reproductive Medicine takes a unique and holistic approach, focusing on uncovering the root causes of infertility, subfertility, and hormonal imbalances. Our clinicians have extensive experience providing personalized treatment to restore reproductive health.

My Fertility Labs is built in collaboration with a dedicated team of Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) clinicians who play a vital role in helping our users achieve optimal hormonal balance, fertility, and overall health.

What do our fertility assessments measure?

Ovarian Reserve

PCOS Testing

Thyroid Testing

PMS Testing

Female Fertility Hormones

Male Fertility Hormones

Sperm Analysis

Vitamin Deficiencies

Get answers to your biggest fertility health questions.

Providing lab results is only part of the equation.

Speak to a Doctor specialized in Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

  1. Help you understand your bloodwork.


2.  Get recommendations, know your options, and plan next steps.

3.  Get prescribed medicine and further testing to track treatment progress.

Restore your reproductive health.

Sign Up for Early Access  

No referral fertility assessment & RRM clinician care.

Thank you!  You're on the list.

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Know your fertile potential.

Why did we start My Fertility Labs?

Through our struggles and hearing the struggles of our friends, we knew there had to be a better way.

Ours and our friends stories:

“After going months trying, I went to the doctor to get tested to find out what my problem was.  The doctor told me I had to keep trying for another 6 months and then come back. I couldn't wait months.”

“I thought I had a thyroid imbalance, but I had to go through 3 doctors before one finally believed me.  I wish testing was available sooner to help me balance my hormones."

“I thought my only option was IVF - but I couldn't afford the cost - and I heard horror stories of how it destroyed women's tubes in the process making it impossible for them to conceive again.  I want a natural and cost effective way to help me conceive, while improving my health.”

"I struggled with intense period pain.  Doctors prescribed birth control without doing any lab tests to see what the root problem was."

“I was diagnosed with PCOS, but the doctors advised weight loss, but offered no support or guidance. I want a plan where I can speak to a specialist and get help trying to conceive."

We developed My Fertility Labs to provide women with answers and support for their health, hormones and fertility.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦
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