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Cycle Phase Training

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Transforming TTC to Track_Test_Care in two cycles or less starts with properly tracking your cycles and being cycle phase aware, so you can access the care you need through Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM). If you're looking for the fastest way to learn how to make standardized fertility observations that are science based and ONLY the ones your RRM clinician can actually use to restore your reproductive system Fertile Phase Training is for you. We promise we won't bore you with long winded facts you don't need. Or bog you down tracking events and metrics your RRM clinician can't use because the science isn't there (yet). Or make you chart for months and months before you ever can access testing. Why Cycle Phase Training? - ~60 minutes divided into 17 bite size videos - watch whenever you want and start tracking right away - then watch as many times as you want, until you know you're doing it right. - so you can learn as fast as possible to access Testing and RRM Care starting your next menstrual cycle. - and because we know women can identify their cycle phases on the first month that they chart. Outcomes Skip the infertility stress. Know your body better. Get fertility testing, timed correctly because you are cycle phase aware. True empowerment by partnering with a Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) clinician who actually understands women's natural cycles and how to work with your natural system to restore reproductive function.

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